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What do Macarons have to do with branding?

Everything in Indigo Fox Land!

If you have spent much time on my website or facebook page, you’ll notice a definite theme. Apart from the geometric fox, which actually doesn’t appear on everything I do (as I strongly believe that your brand is much much bigger than just your logo!) and the colour scheme, there’s an overwhelming amount of pretty macaron (and other sweet treats such as donuts and cake) pictures.

Why? What on earth does that have to do with design work which is the service I’m selling? I don’t sell cake, but I do LOVE cake and branding is about injecting a bit of you into your business so that people can see what you’re into. it’s also about being visually consistent and this is what has happened through my use of these images. I get comments like ‘I can tell this is an Indigo Fox post a mile off’ or I get tagged in other pictures on Facebook or videos of them being made. That’s great, it means it’s working! Because I’m so consistent with it, it’s become my thing, and guess what … until a few days ago when I was in Amsterdam I had never even eaten one!

So it’s a great idea for you to start using consistent images, it may not be of the same thing all the time but it might be that everything has a rainbow theme, or everything is yellow, maybe you just use black and white images or silly animal pictures, beach photos or you take your product pictures in an interesting way. Whatever would relate to your ideal audience or your business (I’ve gone for appealing to my ideal audience who are female business owners, most women love cake!)

Last week when I posted a picture of the Macaron shop I had found in Amsterdam, that post got more engagement that any of mine had in weeks, maybe months prior. because people understood why I had posted it, they had noticed my branding angle and it made sense that I was so happy to have stumbled across that shop. So it’s proof, it works 🙂

Try it, I would love to see what you come up with for your brand!

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Sammie x

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