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How to rebrand your business in 2019

If you’re anything like me, you start to get bored of looking at the same thing for too long. My business has had 3 different looks in the last 8 months. And guess what, it hasn’t driven people away like I was told it would! Sometimes you just need to trust that you know best when it comes to your business.

The 5 logos that Indigo Fox has had since starting out

If you are one of those itchy feet types and your logo is likely to be in the bin soon, then you can do 2 things. Firstly you can completely rebrand, perhaps your current logo isn’t really reflective of what you do and isn’t attracting your ideal customer or maybe you created it yourself and it needs a more professional touch? This is where a complete overhaul can be a good idea so you can refocus, build solid foundations for your brand and move forward in a way that you know will be bringing you more of the right customers and ultimately more sales.

Your other option is to keep your existing logo and to create a whole brand around it. Many people mistake a logo as being a brand and in reality a brand is so much bigger than this, it’s even more than just the visuals. It’s about your customer experience and what those customers say to other people about your business.

Easy things you can do straight away to boost your visual brand:

  • Create graphics to match your colour palette. Use free apps or websites such as Crello, Canva or Over to create beautiful social media posts with a consistent theme, using the same colours and fonts and building up a recognisable look and feel for your brand
  • Have a branded cover photo on your social media platforms. Incorporate your logo, use a photo to set the scene for what your business is about
  • Invest in a logo that is versatile and good quality. Something created by a designer is likely to be vector based and come in the correct formats for web, social media and print. Anything that you can create yourself on logo making sites just won’t give you all the options that you may need further down the road and can be more expensive in the long run
  • Get matching business cards. I love Banana Print for cards but if you ant to really push the boat out then ‘Moo’ do some stunning cards including square ones, rounded corners, coloured edges, different coloured backgrounds in one set etc
  • think about the way your product is delivered. Is there anything you can add to the packaging, to the emails, to reinforce your brand and be another touch point with the same consistent look

Even just having a fresh set of graphics, changing your colour palette or unifying your brand touch points can make a huge difference and give your business a new lease of life. A whole brand is much better than just a logo and here’s an example below from Social+ of how different elements work together and compliment each other, looking professional and consistent but without looking ‘samey’ or boring.

Branding package completed for Social+

If you would like my help then I have various ways I can assist you.

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If you are ready to hand the branding reigns over to someone else then I have a few different package options, from social media kits to brand refresh and full blown rebranding. I also have monthly plans if you need ongoing work, or the thought of having to create your own graphics constantly just terrifies you! Visit the branding suite here.

Whatever you do, don’t be scared to change it. if you are moving forward and in line with what represents you, as well as attracting your ideal customer then this can only be a positive move!

Sammie x

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