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It’s easier to say what you don’t want to be like …

Have you ever come into contact with a business that has given really bad customer service, treated you unfairly, left you feeling annoyed or just not lived up to your expectations? Me too, and I never forget them for those reasons!

One of the exercises that I love to get people to do when planning their brand identity is to write down words that they want their brand to be like or known for. And do you know what, people really struggle with this! So I’ve turned it on it’s head and now ask people what they don’t want to be known for. If you don’t want to be known as being expensive then you are likely to want to be known as being affordable, but you probably didn’t want to use the word ‘budget’ as that sounds like it lacks in quality.

Things I would never want my business to be:

Over-priced, Unfriendly, Technical, Corporate, Boring, Bland

So that leads into being fun and friendly and affordable for everyone, as well as making things easy to understand. Hopefully you’ll agree that’s what I am!

Try it yourself, write down a list and keep it somewhere so you can see it. Every time you go to create a social media post, tweak your website, respond to an email or write a blog post, you can refer to it!

I would love to hear what yours are, come and chat about it in my free Facebook group!

Sammie x

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