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Why you need to brand yourself and not your direct sales or network marketing company

Are you in direct sales or network marketing?

A major mistake I see in this world (and I have been there and done that and made the mistake too!) is setting up groups and business pages and effectively calling your business by the name of the company you represent. ‘Company name by Izzy’ for example. Not only is it boring, but the only thing that makes you different from ‘Company name by Angela’ is your name. Why would someone choose Izzy over Angela?

You may think I’m crazy … what else are you going to call it? But those businesses tell me that they talk about those products and that’s it. I don’t mean adding other products to that business, but you shouldn’t always have the focus on the product. 

If you are in a weight loss company then make your business about healthy lifestyle, fitness tips and recipes (which will accompany the products), in a makeup company then your business should be beauty tips, skin care consultations and tutorials. If you sell jewellery then focus around outfits and things that look great together. Have a gift shop? Concentrate on gift giving ideas, tips on wrapping, things like that. Can you see the difference between simply talking about your product all the time? 

Any of these suggestions above would give you plenty to talk about regardless of the company you are in. Give people a solution to a problem, add value, be an expert for people to ask advice to, and then you can show them a product that can fix their problem, of you just happen to sell that product? Well what a coincidence! This will make your friends and family, and anyone else that you come into contact with (particularly on social media) feel much more at ease with the fact that aren’t constantly being sold to and they are actually getting some value from what you’re talking about.

What if your company closed down tomorrow? Over the last couple of years I have seen it happen, and even from huge names. If you’ve built a business using that company name then you could be stuck. Changing a business page name is hard, you can’t change a group if you have over a certain number of people. BUT if your business was branded to a name you have come up with and with YOU as the expert then it wouldn’t matter! You can still carry on posting the same type of content, even if you need to look for another product to introduce.

So how do you brand yourself?

First work out what you love about the business that you have partnered with. What words come to mind relating to that type of business or product type? What could you call your business that would appeal to the people that you want to attract? Personally I love business names that are interesting, I don’t always think that the business name has to say EXACTLY what you do (I mean, Indigo fox means absolutely nothing!) and you can have a tagline to help you. For example, ‘Shelly’s Beauty’ compared to ‘Beautifico’ – the latter would stand out in a sea of other make up representatives and sounds more high end.

Once you have a name you can set to work using this on your marketing material, your social media platforms, business cards, you could set up a blog with tips and advice relating to your industry.

Use stock images relating to your industry (sites like allow you to use their images for business purposes) rather than constantly showing pictures of your product. Hook people in with gorgeous photos of the lifestyle you are helping them to achieve. By making your business about adding value, people will start to know you as the go to person for advice on skincare, for vegan recipes, for make up colours that suit your skin tone, gift ideas, how to dress your living room, for tips on what to wear with what. You will get recommendations easier this way too.

So, ditch the company name, make your business more about the tips and the solutions and the product sales will follow!

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